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10 reasons why you need Social Media Marketing

social media management services

If your business is still not using the power of social media in terms of digital marketing, then you have been missing a lot of opportunities. To help you out on your decision to finally get that social media management services everyone is talking about, here are ten reasons why you should get into social media marketing.

1. Increased Reach

Over 88% of companies are now marketing in social media because of the number of active users. Facebook and Instagram have more than one billion users, Twitter has 326 million users, YouTube has 9 billion users monthly, and many more.

2. Custom Targeting

There may be a billion users, but most companies and brands like to target specifically their content on social media to the right users. Most social media networks offer custom targeting wherein you can select the age, gender, location, and even interests of your primary target market.

3. Time-Saving

You only need a few hours per week to spend on your social media platforms in terms of community management and posting content. You can even schedule the posts ahead of time so you do not need to manually upload each image or video and ad a caption daily. But if your social media community is already getting big, it is time to get social media management services so they can help.

4. Excellent Customer Satisfaction

This will depend on how you manage your social media but if done right, you will establish a deep connection with your loyal patrons as well as engage them to help promote your brand or business as well. New customer enquiries are directly attended in minutes as well.

5. Cost-effective

Setting up an account is free and you also get the number of reach or impressions that you want if you decide to do paid ads in the platform. It can effectively give you leads and possible conversions. If you’re not confident in doing ads by yourself, get social media management services so they can guide you on how to best reach your business goals.

6. Free Analytics

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube provide free insights on how your activity on your page is reflecting or responding to the people’s activity on your page. You can know right ahead which content is working and which is not, as well as the general profiles of your followers and what spikes their interests in your brand, or even spy at your competitors. A lot of social media management services offer an easier and more thorough analysis of these insights that help companies save time on presentation as well as recommendations.

7. Increased Traffic

Since you can reach more people online you can also direct them to your website or on ground store, restaurant, or office.

8. Better SEO Rankings

When people initially look for your social media page on different search engines, you get more points for brand visibility. They say when people are talking about your brand or business on social media, search engines are able to track it as well.

9. Mobile Ready

Since 91% of social media users use their mobiles to check on their account, it is easier to do community management on your page as well as post content anytime and anywhere to update your followers.

10. Value for Creativity

Your business or brand has the call to everything you would like to post on your social media platforms. There may be some limitations when it comes to ads, but there is nothing creativity can’t do to grab attention and promote as well.

It is already 2019, and most people know that social media marketing is one of the most profitable sources that can help reach millions of loyal and potential customers for all startups and established companies. So why don’t you start now?

Contact us at for any enquiries on social media marketing and professional social media management services. We will be happy to help you.


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