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How can your brand be transparent in 2019?

Facebook management services

Do you see posts on your feed with high negative sentiments? How people are attacking brands online with negative comments, angry emotions, and threats to report and unfollow the page or account? With the updates on Facebook algorithm focusing on people's intimate relationship comes the demand for making brands more transparent.

People now, especially millennials, are more demanding of brands online regarding what is happening behind the scenes, what is the story behind the mistakes, upcoming new products, and company business announcements. May the brand be using an agency for Facebook management services, everyone should know how to be transparent by now.

Regain the trust of your community

Being transparent in 2019 means to be open, clear, and honest. There may be a certain limitation on how much a brand can actually declare public the information about their business decisions and company values when in question but having a good provider for Facebook management services can be really helpful. Brands must be able to properly admit the mistake, apologise, AND let them know the solution. Statements and replies online cannot come as only apologizing as people will think that it is insincere and it can just elevate the issue.

Let them know what is about to happen

Before doing a big announcement publicly, ask others first to prevent a possible negative reaction. Your Facebook management services provider should be able to strategically post a survey online to give your followers and fans a clue on what is about to happen and proceed depending on the feedback. Brands should immediately correct their own wrong as well before the issue blows up. It may be done publicly or privately as long as the people who are concerned are not ignored and put in the dark. Brands can tell their plans in the future and business processes as needed for more transparency.

Provide regular updates to your community

Loyal and regular patrons of the brand tend to actually wonder about what the business cares about in terms of politics, and values. Some fans are also happy when they see the brand they are supporting also supports what they like such as steps on helping the environment, their service and employment values, charities and foundations they support, and many more. Brands can even ask their provider for Facebook management services to produce regular content that is based on the frequently asked questions about their business from all the private messages, replies, and comments they get online.

Brand transparency is another additional step in the social media practice etiquette as network services continuously changes and therefore, so are the users. Being open and building a trustworthy relationship with fans can be really helpful in promoting the brans as well as increasing engagement on your pages.

One mistake online or offline can make the business fall drastically but it is in the next steps of transparency that will determine if people will be willing to forgive and trust again. But of course, the most recommended step is to avoid any mistakes by being proactive and providing updates.

Contact us at regarding brand transparency and professional Facebook management services. We will be happy to help you.


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