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How to Produce Content The Right Way

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We have all read the articles about how important is content in this digital world and how it can boost traffic to your blog, social media pages, and get a higher open rate on your email newsletters. Your online and social media marketing agency may have been following these steps, but it is important to know if they are implementing it.

SEO Writing

  1. Write your content with at least 500 words or better yet, about 1600 words.

  2. Always check your grammar, spelling, and the whole flow of the content.

  3. Ensure that you repeat your SEO keyword at least three times while incorporating it smoothly with your content.

  4. Always add your SEO keyword in your headline/sub-headline, URL, meta description, HTML title, image alt text

  5. Try to include relevant links and ensure the whole content is sharable.


  1. Your headline or title must always be direct to the point. Avoid click baiting and misleading titles that do not relate to the body of your blog content.

  2. Write an intro that is short and concise but directly links to the body of the whole blog article. Think of how you will get the reader to continue on the whole content.

  3. You can quote brands, leaders, celebrities, and other famous personalities to support your claims or point of view. Even genuine customer feedback can be quoted for substance.

  4. Do not forget to cite sources or add references if you are stating statistics and quoting a specific line or phrase or sentence or paragraph to avoid plagiarism and copyright claims.

  5. Support your blog content with relevant visuals only as to not confuse the readers.

  6. Apply SEO even if it is just a blog if you want to get more traffic and higher rankings on search engines.

Email Marketing

  1. The best move is to avoid creating spam content. Avoid the trigger words such as free, cheap, by, congratulations, never, open, claim, click, etc. especially on your subject line.

  2. Make the content brief, significant and easy on the eyes. Use a clear and direct call to action at the start and end of your email newsletter.

  3. Personalise the email content with the receiver’s name. It can be when you open and start the newsletter, or when you do the offer at the end, or even in the subject line too.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Avoid cluttering your images with text when posting. Ask your social media marketing agency to create a short video or GIF for you instead if you have too much information that you need to post in one go.

  2. Add a short caption that is relevant and witty, funny, or gives a taste of the whole content of your visual. You can add emojis or use the “is feeling ____” on your caption to personalise and attract attention.

  3. Remember that it is better to post long video content on YouTube, short videos on Facebook, and brief videos on Instagram. Unless LIVE.

  4. Make yourself aware of the paid advertising rules on each social media platform even if your social media marketing agency gives you the advise.

  5. Don’t forget to add your logo to the visuals for recall. Your post may go viral anytime and you would want the credit or copyright to be yours. But ensure that the whole post is still relevant and creative.

Producing content may look easy but for it to be relevant, effective, and reach the correct target market you would like to remember these steps. A social media marketing agency should be able to help you with producing the right content or they may be doing it wrong. It is best to be knowledgeable on these as well so you can give concrete feedback and get the best possible results with your content.

Contact us at for any enquiries and if you need a professional social media marketing agency to help you with content marketing. We will be happy to help you.


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