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2019 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For

2019 Trends from Social Media Agency

Maximizing and utilizing the trends to boost your page and business in a constantly changing social media world may be challenging but once you are able to strategize how to use the new tools to engage your followers, then you might just be the next one on the trending list.

2019 has already come and there have been many changes in almost all popular social media platforms since 2018. So which trends back in 2018 will most likely be a hit this year, and what are the upcoming trends you should watch out for?

Video Postings

Did you notice how there is more video content now on social media platforms and how image postings are quite acquiring low reach these days? It’s because people online are very visual now and would like bits of important information ready in about 30 seconds to 2 minutes max.

The rise of social media agency- produced videos for brands have been effective in appealing to the emotions of the people online which generates very good engagement and the sharing rate is also very high. You may think that it could be difficult to produce your own video postings but there are many video apps now that makes editing, creation, and creativity in videos a whole lot easier.

Instagram Stories was a hit and Facebook Stories is slowly becoming a hit as well. This year, we might see the rise of LIVE videos as well as the IGTV. Your brand should learn to adapt on these platforms as early as now to get on the trend and benefit on the response.

Content Personalization

This technique has been done through community management by a social media agency or by a page directly talking to a follower minimally in 2018 but we might see the rise this 2019. The one-on-one conversation and replies that mention their name makes it more trustworthy as well as targeted types of content and ads that differs depending on the personality.

Private Messaging Marketing

Have you seen the ads on your Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp recently? How about the chatbots that automatically appear when you visit a page? This trend from last year will definitely continue to rise this year as it proves to be an effective way of advertising, fast customer service, as well as time-saving for businesses.

Business Transparency

If you haven’t created any guidelines or practices on how should your business can be transparent online, then you should start now. We have seen so many businesses online that has been attacked by the netizens due to their mistakes and negligence. It is best to seek advice from a social media agency or start updating your community on what is happening behind your business, corporate decisions, employees, etc.

Expiring Content

Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Stories have been introducing content that has a time limit, but businesses are not really using it properly and strategically. It could be exclusive content or offers, behind the scenes footage on your new project, updates on your business, and even teasers to a product launch or event; you have more freedom with this platform.

Micro Influencers

User-generated content is back again due to the rise of vloggers and bloggers. Micro influencers have been popular for businesses as they appear more trustworthy in providing reviews compared to a popular paid celebrity or endorser. Vlogging and blogging might become mainstream as apps for micro influencers are rising and Facebook will be creating a platform for influencers as well.

If you consider yourself to be social media savvy or if you are working in a social media agency, you should always be updated on the trends online. May it be algorithm updates on Facebook, new features on Instagram, or Twitter trending topics, it is a must to get the knowledge and information so you can adjust accordingly and ride on the trends early or while it is still a big hit to users.

Contact us at for any enquiries on capitalizing on these trends and if you need a professional social media agency to handle your business online. We will be happy to help you.


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